Artists management

As a cultural management agency, we work with internationally renowned artists and ensembles with a focus on classical music. If you are interested in top musicians for your event, we would be happy to put together a portfolio for you according to your specifications.

Orchestral management

For us, orchestral management is a very broad term that encompasses all activities related to the content, artistic, personnel and organizational management of an orchestra, which are implemented in consultation with the management. Sustainable financing and optimal marketing of the orchestra on the international market is particularly important to us. In addition to trademark registration in various countries, this also includes strengthening the name, such as through CD and DVD productions, and selling it internationally. Our main goals include artistically high-quality concerts and music productions, sold-out events, an enthusiastic audience and satisfied musicians.

Tour and concert planning

In addition to orchestra management, tour scheduling and planning also play a central role in our work. This primarily includes international contract negotiations, the entire processing of visa arrangements for artists, as well as travel planning and support for the musicians during the tour.


As cultural management agency, our main task is to advertise the events of our customers - such as in the Wiener Musikverein, in the Brucknerhaus Linz or at the "International Film Music Symposium" - and to profit from ticket sales. We work closely with various multipliers and as a result we have built up a network of over 500,000 people interested in culture in recent years. In addition to direct ticket sales, there are numerous other marketing measures to actively promote events and to motivate potential customers to buy tickets.

Audio and Video recording

In recent years we have gained important experience with audio recordings for the use of music on physical sound carriers and/or on digital platforms, as well as with video recordings for DVD, Bluray and TV. We have already recorded six CDs and two DVD and Bluray productions for the Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra. These are available in the internationally renowned classic label "C Major Entertainment".