The tritone divides the octave and is called the tension tone. Tritonus Arts sees itself as a cultural management agency in the area of ​​tension between artists and consumers.

Georg Vlaschits, Founder

Our Projects

01|20 WJSO Asia Tour

01|20 WJSO Asia Tour

Specification: Our agency was in charge of planning and accompanying the concerts for the 38th Japan and 7th China tour with a partner agency. A total of 16 concerts were given, which excited about 26,000 concert visitors.

Type of project: Tour organization, redesign merchandising, social media marketing

Client: Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra

10|19 International Film Music Symposium

10|19 International Film Music Symposium

Description: The FIMU is a side event of "Hollywood in Vienna" and enables interested students, as well as composers to meet international star guests - such as James Newton Howard, Gabriel Yared, Marc Shaiman, Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer and many more.

Type of project: Symposium: Planning, organization and implementation as well as financial planning

Client: Hollywood in Vienna

02|18 Music Consulting Lufthansa Group

02|18 Music Consulting Lufthansa Group

Description: Tritonus Arts has been curating the classic channel of the Austrian Airlines "Best of Austria" since February 2018, where top-class artists and ensembles are presented. The selected productions are also available on SWISS and Lufthansa aircraft on international flights in the Board Entertainment System.

Type of project: Music Consulting

Client: Lufthansa Group (Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa & Swiss)

Austrian Airlines


Passengers of the entire Austrian Airlines fleet (83 aircraft) are greeted worldwide with the music of the Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra. The "Danube Waltz" is a special branding element of Austrian Airlines and is now used in the new advertising campaign #FeelsLikeAustrian. The campaign, which has been running since June 10, 2019, is being implemented in 16 countries and developed together with the creative agency thjnk from Berlin. The emotional imagery meets the core brand elements of the Austrian airline - the popular waltz music that was recorded in the Great Hall of the Vienna Music Association deserves special mention here.

10 | 19 Art-Circle UNIQA Burgenland
02 | 20 DVD- and Bluray-Production
05 | 20 Ticketing May 2020 Vienna & Linz
11 | 17 Cultur Award of Lower Austria

Memorial day against violence and racism in the Austrian Parliament

The cultural management agency also works with the Austrian Parliament in addition to several other important institutions. On May 5, 2010, the renowned chamber music group "Atout" played for members of parliament and framed the day of remembrance against violence and racism.